Our goal at U-Stick House is to develop life coping skills that will help you master the social and professional demands of society.

     U-Stick House is not a rest home, rather it is a place for you to live and function in a structured, drug, and alcohol free environment. You will enjoy certain anonymity from people who may be counter productive to your recovery process.

     This house will be yours for as long as you reside here and you will need to care for it accordingly. You are responsible for your own actions. Willingness and cooperation are most basic requirements needed by all residents.

     Residents live as a family. Accepted residents become members of the family council. The council, through a democratic process, elect a House Chairman, Co-Chairman, and Secretary who are responsible for maintaining a structure of accepted rules, requirements and practices necessary to ensure a clean and sober environment. The council meets once a week to discuss matters pertinent to the house operation. You will receive continuing support and advice from all.


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