U-Stick House's founder and director, Gary Wallace has been clean and sober since 1971 following the 12 Step recovery process and continues to be very active in the program today.

     Mr. Wallace started in the field of sober living in 1992, as a resident manager of another sober living facility. He enjoyed the concept of sober living so much that he opened his first facility called "Soberville" in 1994. Soberville grew to seven homes with living accommodations for up to 100 men & women.  Gary later opened Sober Living Home in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and in 2006 U-Stick House in Boise, Idaho for the serious professional who seeks a sober living environment.

     U-Stick House is based on the philosophy that it is for men who are serious about recovery. At U-Stick House, we do not play games with sobriety. We follow a Zero Tolerance program. All residents must remain clean & sober, follow the rules of the house, and maintain an active role in their 12 Step recovery.

     At U-Stick House, the men are strongly encouraged to find a home group, get a sponsor and work the concepts of the 12 Steps on a daily basis. U-Stick House is not a church or religious facility. We follow the 12 Steps as originally laid out by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939. Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Al-Anon just to name a few have adopted these 12 Steps. Each man is encouraged to find a Higher Power of his understanding.

Most important, we do not let our Brothers in Recovery die!

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